Become a Small Firms, Big Marketing Affiliate

 Interested in becoming an affiliate for Small Firms, Big Marketing (SMBM)? Great! Read this page and fill out the application form below to start the conversation.

“How does the Double Your Freelancing Rate Affiliate Program work?”

Excellent question. The SMBM Affiliate Program gives you 30%+ commission on sales of our best selling courses, including Small Firms, Big Marketing’s Five Days to Big Marketing Series.

“Okay, what do I need to know?”

We’ve optimized our sales funnel to get your readers in and tagged as ‘belonging’ to you. From there, subscribers you refer to us will be organically nurtured to the point of sale. Here’s what this looks like:

  1. Free Small Firms, Big Marketing’s Five Days to Big Marketing course — This is the top of the funnel for the affiliate program. You’ll be driving people to the Free Five Days to Big Marketing course to bring them into the SFBM funnel.
  2. Tagging — When you drive someone to, you’ll be tagging them with a unique UTM code (ref=Your_Code_Here) that we’ll recognize on our side and use to attribute the visitor to you.
  3. Purchasing Time — We don’t have any time limit in place on when a subscriber needs to buy for you to earn your affiliate credit. Because the Five Days to Big Marketing is a self-paced course, people can get to the pitch to buy within one week. If they buy then — or in six months — you’ll be credited for the sale and earn 30% of the purchase price.

“That sounds great! What do I need?”

All you’ll need is to apply for our affiliate program below — and have a PayPal account to receive your payments.

Once you apply and are approved, we’ll just need your PayPal email address.

From there, we’ll give you your unique affiliate ID to append to any links you have pointing to or the Free Five Days to Big Marketing course.

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