Close the deal with these five phrases

Accountants aren’t always natural salespeople, but if your firm is small, you might not have a choice–the only way to bring in new business is if YOU close the deal.  It can be hard to know exactly what to say to close the deal, but having these five phrases handy can help secure the new business opportunity sitting in front of you:

  1. “If you’d like to move ahead with us, what we’ll do next is…” This gently shows them a path forward that includes your firm. This also reassures potential clients that they’re in good hands and you know exactly what steps to take to solve their problem.
  2. “Our firm seems like it would be a good fit for your needs.  What do you think?”  This question gets the prospective client thinking about all the reasons you’re a good fit and because you are asking for their opinion, it sounds genuine. And if they respond with something like, “Yeah, I think you could really help us with X,” you’ve can respond with “Great, I’ll send over the proposal right now” and close the deal.
  3. “The deadline for your tax issue is X.  Working backward, we need to receive your supporting materials by Y.  Can you meet that deadline if we sign the proposal today?”  This gets them thinking about deadlines (and with the IRS, there are lots of deadlines!), and understanding how fast they might have act.
  4. “What happens next on your end?”  If they aren’t signing your proposal, there might be something behind the scenes holding it up.  Find out if there’s another contender, a partner that you still need to meet, or a hiccup in the process you can’t see.  Then you can move the prospect further down the pipeline.
  5. “We’d love to be your accounting partner.  Can we sign this proposal today and get started for you?”  Never leave a meeting without telling the prospective client that you’d really like their business.  Sometimes, all you need to do is ask.

How do you close a deal?  Any tried-and-true phrases you like to use?

Kelly O'Donnell

About Kelly O’Donnell CEO & Founder, O’Donnell IMC Small Firms, Big Marketing For 18 years, Kelly has managed the marketing, communications and business development functions for professional service firms in accounting, law, private equity, investment banking, and financial services and wealth management. Her interest in new media and marketing techniques extends to the opportunities professional service firms can find using video and social media to communicate expertise and extend referral source networks. Before forming her marketing consulting firm O’Donnell Integrated Marketing Communications, she was the director of marketing and communications for Michigan’s largest venture capital firm, where she managed the global marketing function and assisted in fundraising and investor relations for several limited partnership funds and ghostwrote many thought investment banking leadership papers and created client-facing events. Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in marketing and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University. She’s a member of the Association for Accounting Marketing, Legal Marketing Association, and the National Venture Capital Association’s Strategic Communicators Group.

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