Make sure your referral source network sparks ROI for you, too

A solid referral network is invaluable to a CPA.  Your clients, many of whom need complimentary professional services like legal, financial planning, and insurance, trust your recommendation and are extremely likely to become that professional’s new client. You know that you send your network of trusted resources credible warm leads, but are they returning the favor?

If you don’t know, or can’t instantly calculate the value of your referrals made out and returned back in, you may be allocating your referrals across your network in a way that fizzles, not sparks, your own new business development efforts.  One way to be sure you’re getting a return on your referral investment is to track the value of the clients you refer out and connect your new business to your referral source network.  We use this Business Development Template to track referrals out and back and make sure our clients’ networks are paying them back in a fair and equal manner.

Could you use a tool that lets you easily see how to value your referral source network and spot the strong partners who return you quality leads from their client base?  Watch this video to see how we do it:


Kelly O'Donnell

About Kelly O’Donnell
CEO & Founder, O’Donnell IMC
Small Firms, Big Marketing

For 18 years, Kelly has managed the marketing, communications and business development functions for professional service firms in accounting, law, private equity, investment banking, and financial services and wealth management. Her interest in new media and marketing techniques extends to the opportunities professional service firms can find using video and social media to communicate expertise and extend referral source networks.

Before forming her marketing consulting firm O’Donnell Integrated Marketing Communications, she was the director of marketing and communications for Michigan’s largest venture capital firm, where she managed the global marketing function and assisted in fundraising and investor relations for several limited partnership funds and ghostwrote many thought investment banking leadership papers and created client-facing events.

Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in marketing and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University. She’s a member of the Association for Accounting Marketing, Legal Marketing Association, and the National Venture Capital Association’s Strategic Communicators Group.

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